Air LTC Booking
LTC air booking is a type of online flights ticket booking. LTC stands for leave travel concession which allows government employees to avail a round trip once to their hometown and once to any other destination in India that is ultimately paid for by the government.
Eligible employees for leave travel concession flights bookings include employees of the state and central governments, public sector undertaking, employees of the educational institutions recognized by state/ central government or affiliated to any university/ educational board are also eligible.
Common information one must learn about LTC
Required documents: Official ID card, family members to carry the copy of same
Travel: Any sector within India
Children: No discount applies
Date/Flight change/Cancellation and Refund: Permitted but fee applies
In order to book LTC air ticket on Air IRCTC you need to click on the LTC checkbox on the top and enter your departure and arrival destination, departure and return date, number of passengers, class of travel and preferred airlines. Once you click on search you will be able to see the list of all flights operating on that particular day.
Simply click on book after checking flight details which include cancellation, meal and baggage information. Once you confirm this you will be asked to enter your username and password as the information that it is a LTC ticket is stored in your account.
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