Flight Tickets Enquiry
Ticket Enquiry:
It’s time to unleash the traveler inside you. If you are planning for an international or domestic tour but have not received your confirmation of booking. IRCTC allows you the facility of Air Ticket Enquiry to check whether the flight you think you have booked is in its database or not. Simply keep your booking details handy, and you will get all the flight details at your fingertips. Today in the world of digitization, you can get every detail of travel-related information on your computer screen within no time. Today everyone prefers online reservation as it saves time and money. Almost every airline now has an official websites and gives options for online booking as per your travel needs. Since booking has now become online, it is also a matter of few minutes before you can make your Flight Ticket Enquiry and get all the details about your upcoming journey.
View your PNR status:
Air IRCTC allows you to view your itinerary and check the real state of your booking. Every time you purchase or book airline flights PNR number is generated, and it is used in making your Air Ticket Enquiry. PNR status is available for: All those who hold confirmed tickets
How to check your Flight Status:
If you want the exact status of your flight, IRCTC provides you with the most official airline flight ticket Enquiry. All you need to do is visit the official website https://www.air.irctc.co.in/. By clicking on this link, one can check the status for his/her domestic or international flight. If you want to go for Flight ticket enquiry with the flight number follows these steps: Enter flight name Enter valid flight number Mention the departure date
Thus booking your air ticket online is now a hassle-free process, the entire Airline flight ticket enquiry can be made online through computers or mobile phones. For further air flight enquiries or in case of any other issue you can call on the helpline number provided on the website.
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