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Easy ways to Book Cheap Airline Tickets without any Stress on IRCTC Air
Flights are the fastest way of travelling, and there is no doubt. Booking a ticket means taking up the hassle of going to the airport and applying for the ticket. Nowadays, booking airline tickets is much more comfortable than before. When it comes to online airline tickets booking, it is challenging to get tickets at a low price. With some tips, tricks and IRCTC Air, you can get the flight tickets at an unbelievably low price. There are some tips and tricks below, describing how you can book flight tickets for cheap for both domestic and international airlines.
For International Flights:-
There are many ways available to get international flight tickets at a low cost which can save you money! Here are the tricks explained:-
Start researching on the flight before 1 or 2 months the journey
Getting cheap airline tickets is not that easy, and you need to start researching a minimum of 1 month before the planned leaving date. The research is very time consuming. If you book a ticket near the leaving date, you would not be able to get the tickets for the cheapest rate. If you are planning to travel at a peak time, you need to book the flight ticket 3 months before the journey; otherwise, be ready to be charged a lot. Airlines follow dynamic pricing for tickets. This trick is also eligible for domestic flights. Therefore, it is better to research 1 or 2 months in advance.
Cover up your researches and keep it a secret
Flight rates keep changing if you keep on looking for a particular route on multiple websites. The websites are developed in a way in which they automatically collect your cookies data from the web browser and get the price hiked, so that people get scared and book the flights right then. You can research incognito mode (depends on the browser) to turn off the cookies, and the prices will not get hiked. You can also use VPNs within the browser to research ticket prices. It is crucial to keep the research a secret from the flight search engines. This trick is also eligible for domestic flights.
Use IRCTC Air to book flight tickets
It is essential to search for the airline ticket in the best available search engine. IRCTC Air is known to be the best airline ticket search engine which does not increase or decrease the price. Ticket prices are constant on this website, and according to the research, it always shows the best available price. The best part of the IRCTC Air is, you can get free meals on international flights and some domestic flights.
Find Out the Cheapest Day to Fly
The price of the tickets gets higher as the starting date gets closer. Research thoroughly about the route and find out the day when the ticket prices drop. You have to research the entire month to get to the cheapest day. Compare the prices between the days and confirm to book the ticket. In order to get airline tickets at a low cost, you have to make the journey date flexible as the price gets increased with time. This is a great trick to get cheap flight tickets.
Choose the best and cheap airline service
There are many airline services available to book tickets online. Some are offering the best service but are not available at a low price and some airlines are offering the lowest possible rate but the service is not that good. Meeting the right airline, which is low in cost but delivers excellent assistance and services, is very important and thorough research could achieve this. Choosing the airline service is entirely dependent on your budget and requirements.
Book multiple stop flights to get it at low price
As we know, direct flights are always high in price compared to connected flights. If you can consider your comfort, then you can get the tickets at a little cost. Break journeys like Kolkata to Doha - Doha to Boston - Boston to New York always costs less than direct flights. This kind of trip surely takes a lot of time and energy but this is the easiest way to get cheap airline tickets. This method saves money but takes away the optimum comfort.
Flexible Destination Planning
Generally, people book the flight tickets according to the destination but, going to a destination according to the ticket may cost you less. You can plan the goal according to the ticket price. First, you need to research the flights that are available for a low price then choose the flight and book your ticket. After booking, you can search for the stays or hotels and book them also. Flexible destination planning is one of the smartest tricks and can make the flight tickets as cheap as possible.
Look Out for the Special Deals
Sometimes, IRCTC Air provides vast deals and offers that can make the airline ticket booking very cheap. It is also seen that occasionally airlines services offer exclusive deals which can be beneficial to reduce the flight rate. Be it international flight or domestic flight, IRCTC Air provides the best deals and offers that can be found in the market.
Mix the services
Sometimes it is seen that the same route is being offered by two individual flight services and one is offering it for a smaller amount of money. For example, suppose you are planning to go to New York from Kolkata, you will find that multiple airlines are offering the flight. Qatar Airlines is offering $200 for the entire trip but when you start calculating the rates you can find that Air Asia is offering to take you to Doha for $80 and from Doha, you can find Qatar is offering to fly you to New York for $100. If you do this, you save $20. With this process, you can easily mix the services and get to your destination for a smaller amount of money.
Try to Avoid Third-Party Search Engines
Multiple third-party search engines promise to book the flight ticket for the least cost but they always take a commission from the amount that you pay. Being affiliated with a government body, IRCTC Air does not charge like other third-party search engines. This makes the price of the flight much cheaper than other search engines. You can research the cost of flight tickets in multiple search engines and compare them to each other to get the least possible price, but IRCTC Air lets you decide the flight tickets at the cheapest rate possible.
Try checking the Ticket Prices for individual persons
This trick works best when you are travelling with a group. You can find the ticket price per person, as some flight services charge extra for a group. If you are booking the flight tickets individually, generally the seating arrangement gets fragmented. But if it doesn’t matter to you, you can save money.
Try to Make a Small Luggage
If you take big luggage, then you have to pay extra for the bags. If you consider packing small luggage, then the additional price gets cut off. Each of the airlines allows to take hand luggage for free, and that advantage has to be made. You can pack the necessary things like a pair of clothes, a toothbrush, a toothpaste etc. in the hand luggage and save money.
Domestic Flights:-
To get domestic flight tickets for the least cost possible, please follow the following tips and tricks:-
Use the Special Deals and Offers Provided by Your Bank
You can search the internet for the latest offers and deals that your bank is offering and book the airline tickets. With the deals and offers, you can get tickets at a low price. This trick is beneficial for people with multiple bank accounts as they can go for many kinds of offers and deals. By using this trick, you can save a significant amount which can help you later on the trip.
Book the tickets 1-1.5 months earlier than the journey date
In the case of domestic flights, you never should book a flight very close to the journey date to avoid the hiked price of the tickets. You can not also book the ticket very early from the journey date; otherwise, the best deal would be missed. According to the research, the perfect time to book your flight tickets is one or one and a half months earlier from the journey date to get the best price.
Take Flights in the Night Times
In night times, the rate of the flights is usually low as not many passengers get on board the trip. You should take advantage of this to get cheap domestic flight tickets quickly. If you can travel in the night, then this is the best option available to get cheap flight tickets.
Pay Online for the Tickets
There are huge offers available when you pay the ticket price online. The proposals are mostly persistent all the time, so, the benefits can be enjoyed most of the time when you pay the fee online. Using UPI is another trick as UPI service providers are always offering deals and cashback. You can use the benefits to reduce the price of your flights.
Use Government Discounts:-
If you are a senior citizen or a student, then you can apply for the additional discount for the flight. The discount can be claimed from the airline website. Some of the flight services accept student and senior citizen discounts like SpiceJet, Air India, etc. These kinds of discounts are much less, but still, it saves some money.
Set Alerts in Google Flights
If you can not make the journey date or destination flexible, then plan your vacation or journey and enlist the journey details in Google Flights and turn on the Alerts for the price decline. This process will automatically search for the flights, check when the price is getting low and will alert you with email when the price gets decreased. Ensure you check the email right then because a lot of people are waiting for the same alert and they will book the ticket. This smart method saves both time and money.
You can surely get cheap flight tickets by following the above tips and tricks. Each of the tips and tricks can reduce flight ticket costs. All you have to do is read the advice and methods carefully and do as directed. Let's find out the benefits that can be taken from IRCTC Air.
Benefits of IRCTC Air
Best Deals
With IRCTC Air, you can get the best deals available in the market. You can find the best domestic and international flight services. Each of the services available with IRCTC Air is more beneficial than other third-party flight search engines. Other websites always take a huge commission to book the flights and for additional value-added services.
World-Class International Flights
IRCTC Air provides the best available international flights services like,
  • ★ Emirates- Emirates international flight service delivers the most comfortable seats which can be converted to beds. They also offer delightful drinks and customizable foods. Emirates is an entertainment-based flight service which will never make you feel bored.
  • ★ Qatar Airways- Qatar is famous among the people for luxury and ample space. The cabin crews are awarded for the best assistance, and many celebrity chefs make their food.
  • ★ Etihad- Etihad Airways connects the UAE to the whole world and is famous for services inside the flight. Big spacious seats, delicious food and drinks, and entertainment makes this flight service one of the best.
  • ★ Cathay Pacific- Cathay Pacific is meeting all the criteria of a premium and luxurious flight service internationally. It is one of the oldest flight services and has been making people comfortable and happy for ages.
  • ★ And More!
Famous Domestic Airline Services
In Domestic airline services, IRCTC Air is providing renowned airline services that make the journey pleasant and comfortable. Here are some of the famous domestic airline services:-
  • ★ Vistara- Vistara was recently introduced in 2005 by TATA. It provides one of the best domestic airline services. Vistara flights are very much comfortable and famous for the spacious seats and food.
  • ★ Air Asia- Air Asia is an international flight service, but IRCTC Air is providing domestic flight service to deliver the benefits. This flight service is one of the oldest services, and they are serving with their best effort since then.
  • ★ IndiGo- IndiGo is the fastest-growing airline service in India. The fares are low, and the facilities are one of the best in India.
  • ★ Air India- Known to be the best domestic flight service in India, Air India is a class apart. The symbol of Air India "Maharaja" is the sign of India’s hospitality, and the services will make you feel like a 'Maharaja'.
1. Why should I book my tickets from IRCTC Air?
Answer: IRCTC Air provides cheap online air tickets.
2. What are the benefits that I can enjoy from IRCTC Air?
Answer: With IRCTC Air, you can enjoy the benefits of best deals, world-class international flight services and outstanding domestic flight services.
3. What should be the keywords for getting the cheapest airline tickets in IRCTC Air?
Answer: The keywords are:-
  • ● Book Airline tickets
  • ● Airline tickets booking
  • ● Cheap airlines tickets
  • ● Airline enquiry
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4. What is the minimum fare of IRCTC Air?
Answer: The fare is starting from Rs.2,290 in IRCTC Air.
5. What is the maximum fare of IRCTC Air?
Answer: The highest price range of IRCTC Air is Rs. 11722.
6. What are the flight services that are tied up with IRCTC Air?
Answer: Most famous and best flight services are tied up with IRCTC Air. These are AirAsia, Air India, IndiGo, Vistara, Etihad, Emirates, Qatar Airlines etc.
7. Where can I go internationally with the flights of IRCTC Air?
Answer: IRCTC Air is providing services to the following countries:-
  • ● California
  • ● New Jersey
  • ● Texas
  • ● New York
  • ● Washington
  • ● Illinois
  • ● Virginia
  • ● India
  • ● United States (US)
  • ● Japan
  • ● Philippines
  • ● United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • ● United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • ● Singapore
  • ● France
8. Where can I go domestically with IRCTC Air?
Answer: WIth IRCTC Air, you go to these places-
  • ● Mumbai
  • ● Bengaluru
  • ● New Delhi
  • ● Chennai
  • ● Hyderabad
  • ● Lucknow
  • ● Pune
  • ● Kolkata
  • ● Indore
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